What is E.R.I.S.A., Inc?

E.R.I.S.A., Inc. has provided comprehensive 401(k), profit sharing, and pension services since 1983. We design and service all types of retirement plans, including 401(k), profit sharing, and defined benefit. We specialize in custom designs to meet our clients' objectives. Given the complexity of retirement plan rules, we strive to simplify retirement plan operation from our clients' perspectives, while still employing the most advanced designs available. We are dedicated to serve our clients' best interests.

Current News

Fee Disclosures

As a fiduciary of your company’s retirement plan, do you know how much you are being charged from plan assets by your service providers? Do you focus on the checks your company writes to service providers and not on the true cost that includes charges against plan assets? Read More

Participant Expense Disclosures

The Department of Labor (DOL), starting in 2012, will require that all participants in retirement plans receive information about the plan in an annual statement, and receive a quarterly statement showing actual expenses assessed against their accounts. The idea is to make participants more aware of the internal cost of the funds they invest in, the cost of plan loans, and other administrative costs relating to the plan. Read More

IRS Determination Letters

In April of 2007, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) published final regulations relating to Code Section 415. One part of this regulation dealt with how compensation under a retirement plan is measured for certain purposes. Read More