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Cash Balance Pension Plans

This is a type of defined benefit plan that looks like a defined contribution plan. Each participant has a hypothetical account balance which represents a combination of pay credits and interest credits. Read More


United States v Windsor

This case is better known as the case where the US Supreme Court struck down DOMA, or the Defense of Marriage Act. What does this have to do with retirement plans? The Act limited benefits provided to spouses under federal law only to legally married couples that included a man and a woman.  Read More


MAP 21 Pension Changes

In September 2012 the Act known as "Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century" or MAP 21, was enacted into law. This law made major changes to the funding of pension plans in order to provide some relief. Read More


Fee Disclosures

As a fiduciary of your company’s retirement plan, do you know how much you are being charged from plan assets by your service providers? Do you focus on the checks your company writes to service providers and not on the true cost that includes charges against plan assets? Read More


Participant Expense Disclosures

The Department of Labor (DOL), required, starting in August 30, 2012, that all participants in retirement plans receive information about the plan in an annual statement, and receive a quarterly statement showing actual expenses assessed against their accounts. The idea is to make participants more aware of the internal cost of the funds they invest in, the cost of plan loans, and other administrative costs relating to the plan. Read More


IRS Determination Letters

In April of 2007, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) published final regulations relating to Code Section 415. One part of this regulation dealt with how compensation under a retirement plan is measured for certain purposes. Read More